We are a leading global logistics provider for the Tyre industry managing the whole spectrum of OEM and replacement market tyres from motorcycle’s through to tyres for the heavy plant and construction industry, with a specialist JIT division for several car and motorcycle racing championships.

Our vast experience and expertise in managing and handling tyres across all automotive sectors provides you with reduced distribution costs, minimal delivery lead times, global visibility enhancing your supply chain and satisfying your clients, which allows you to concentrate on production and manufacturing.

Our specialist Tyre Logistic teams provide a truly door to door service via global tyre distribution hubs servicing local clients with speed and efficiency keeping vehicles on the road, heavy plant on the construction site and motorcycles and cars on racing circuits. Each tyre distribution hub has the facilities and equipment to handle tyres up to 1500kgs and 2.7 metres in diameter.

We check each tyre for its condition, serial number and date information as they are offloaded into our distribution centres. The markings allow us to locate specific tyres in the event of a manufacturer or government recall. We can also assess each tyre for its “kineticity” to ascertain if a tyre is pulling in one direction or another.

Our inventory management solutions include receiving, picking, packing, distribution, labelling and fully integrated for LIFO/FIFO priority and product procurement when stocks reach a specific level. All tyre distribution is tracked throughout the supply chain providing end-to end visibility of inventory movements.

Inventory accuracy is also essential to keeping the tyre delivery sequencing process running smoothly. This system allows us to anticipate the manufacturer's needs and fill orders quickly to keep assembly lines running at optimum speed.