Emergency Aid & Relief

Our compassionate and experienced Aid Relief Crisis teams are able to deliver to the remotest and least accessible areas of the world and have proven capabilities when we are called upon in times of natural disaster. Working with Government bodies, NGO’s and charitable organisations, we provide bespoke delivery to crisis locations through a range of innovative and often unusual modes of multimodal transport.

When natural disasters strike, they have devastating and long term effects on both the human and animal population as well as the region itself. It’s hard to imagine such catastrophes’ but when they occur our compassionate and caring team are on hand to provide direct assistance to get the aid to where it’s needed.

Our expertise covers multimodal logistics in all types of aid including perishable and non-perishable food products, water, medical equipment and supplies including critical life-saving equipment, heavy plant machinery for recovery of disaster victims, temporary shelters, vehicles, clothing and sanitation equipment.

Our Aid Relief logistics services are operated on a “non-profit” basis with our organisation contributing to the cost of the relief operations financially and with our extensive resources.