Customs Management & Compliance

Customs Management & Compliance are a vital part of your business and through close liaison with HM Revenue & Customs we ensure that we are always at the forefront of legislation, changes and development. This enables our Customs Compliance Teams to provide superior Customs reporting solutions and software to enhance your supply chain.

IPR/OPR Management

IPR or Inward Processing Relief provides customs relief to enable the promotion of EC exports and assist Community processors. Duty is relieved on non-EC goods imports that are processed in the Community or re-exported (where it does not harm the interests of Community producers of similar goods).

Outward Processing Relief, or OPR, enables importers to claim relief from duty on goods that have been previously been exported to a third (non-EU) country.


We can arrange the customs clearance and release of the cargo from the relevant port authorities. We are liaising with Port Health, PHSI and Defra / HMI on a daily basis and dealing with the various declarations which are required by them.

We are experienced in and are able to handle the following:

  • Phytosanitary, catch and health certificates
  • Organic certificates
  • CED (Common Entry Document) representation and completion
  • CVED (Common Veterinary Entry Document) representation and completion.

Personal Effects

We will offer advice on completion of all customs forms required to clear your cargo. We will offer advice on duty and tax reliefs that may apply to your belongings (including pets), vehicle or vessel, and any conditions you must meet:

  • how your belongings are assessed for duty and tax if they do not qualify for relief
  • how to go through customs on your arrival in the UK
  • your rights and entitlements

Vehicle Imports/Exports

We provide customs clearances for import/export of vehicles whether it’s a private or commercial shipment. We will provide advice on any duty and tax measures and we will notify HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) of vehicle arrival. The vehicle must then be registered and licensed through the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Deferment Account Management

If you are involved with importing goods into the UK then you may have to make regular payments of VAT ­ as well as import duty ­ due on the imported goods. To speed up and streamline this process, you may be able to use the Duty Deferment Scheme. This lets you pay what you owe HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) each month in a single payment. If you use this scheme, you need to give a financial guarantee to make sure you can meet the cost of any VAT and duties due on imported goods. To help businesses keep their costs down, HMRC can sometimes reduce the amount of this guarantee so it only has to cover customs and excise duties, and not the VAT. This is done using the Simplified Import VAT Accounting (SIVA) scheme. We can offer advice on your deferment account use and help you to manage it in a more efficient way. We can also offer advice on setting up a deferment account and explain HMRC rules and requirements.

Tariff Classification Service

Classifying is how you select the right 'class' or commodity code for your goods in accordance with the Integrated Tariff of the United Kingdom, ‘Tariff’ for short. We can provide a classification service and we can also advise on any restrictions/licensing matters.

As the importer or exporter, you are legally responsible for the correct tariff classification of your goods. This applies even if you employ an agent to handle your Customs entries on your behalf.

Duty Management

Duty management is best described as the process of converting your compulsory import process into an opportunity. This can be either reducing the amount of duty you pay, significantly improving your cash flow, and equally importantly, doing this with significantly enhanced compliance and improved management information.

Contact us to reduce your import costs and pay the lowest possible duty on your storage and exports. We could help you take advantage of HMRC's duty and VAT relief schemes if your imports are stored for a long time, attract excise tax, get exported to non ­EU countries or are part of a UK­ manufacturing process.

Intrastat Reporting

Intrastat is the system for collecting statistics on the trade in goods between EU member states. In addition to goods that have been bought and sold, Intrastat also covers goods that have moved between EU countries for other reasons. Every VAT­registered business trading goods with other EU member states is obliged to declare certain information. The amount of information required from you depends on whether the value of your Arrivals (purchases or imports) or Dispatches (sales or exports) exceeds the annual Intrastat exemption threshold/s. We can create the Intrastat entries from your sales and purchase orders.

PCC (Processing Under Customs Control)

By placing imported goods under PCC arrangements for further processing in the Union, you may be able to obtain relief from Customs duty, agricultural levies, other CAP charges, anti­-dumping duty and countervailing duty when you declare the processed goods to free circulation. We can offer advice and explain the purpose of the procedure and the conditions under which duty relief may be claimed.