We offer a complete range of overland transport and value added services. Operating our own vehicles, alongside selected best-in-class owner operators and subcontractors operating under our AEO and ISO 9001 guidelines, we have total flexibility to meet capacity and ever changing market requirements.

We operate daily groupage, express, part and full load services throughout Western and Eastern Europe and have particular expertise in the ever expanding regions within Eastern Europe including the Baltic States, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Moldova. Our overland transport solutions are available with sophisticated real-time online satellite tracking capabilities and benefit from our in-depth local expertise and knowledge which can often make the difference between the cargo being stuck at a border crossing or being delivered on time to your client. We run our business ethically and with complete transparency so you'll never be told the "vehicle has broken down" unless it really has - and we'll immediately inform you of contingency plans put in place in the unlikely event a delivery is delayed due to circumstances outside of our control.

Industry-specific and specialist transport services are provided for the movement of chilled and frozen goods, hazardous chemicals and temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products.

Our product range includes the following:

  • Daily express, groupage, part and full load services to Southern and Northern Ireland
  • Daily express, groupage, part and full loads services to Western Europe
  • Daily express, groupage, part and full load services to Eastern Europe
  • Daily express, groupage, part and full load intra Europe solutions
  • Temperature-controlled
  • Time-sensitive services
  • Comprehensive door to door services
  • Hazardous goods including packaged, bulk chemicals and petrochemicals
  • Escorts for high value shipments and remote and unstable regions
  • Satellite Tracking
  • Information and management and reporting solutions