Claridon’s defence logistics division has been providing unrivalled global logistics solutions for the most demanding of all supply chain’s for the past 26 years.

With our highly specialist team our extensive experience and capabilities are not only unrivalled and unique but have won numerous accolades over the years for our services to the military.

Military precision and capability have been at the heart of our company since 1988, completing demanding and complex tasks in some of the remotest and extreme terrain in the world, drawing on a combined experience of over a century.

Our experience & capabilities are not limited to peace time operations. We have successfully supported the military in the theatre of conflict including Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield, The Balcans conflict and The War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan.

With our global reach we have local expertise, contacts and resources in locations of strategic significance enabling us to consistently perform to the highest standards and under the most relentless and pressurised conditions however remote the terrain or critical the mission.

In all military operations, strategic planning is one of the key factors to achieve a successful mission and at Claridon strategic planning forms part of our DNA. Not only does our strategic planning allow the military to perform to the optimum but it also reduces costs, an important factor with all military organisations facing budgetary cutbacks and reduction in personnel. With ever increasing global instability, Claridon provide cost effective, innovative, dependable and mission enhancing range of value added services built on our strategic planning.

When a mission becomes critical or support is needed in the theatre of conflict our team are ready to provide solutions for extensive transport capacity at very short notice and often completing missions ahead of the deadlines. Offering multimodal solutions by airlift/sealift charters, rail and road transportation including heavy out of gauge “convoy exceptional” road transports. Our critical- specific service benefits tactical and strategic military logistics operations through a complete end to end supply chain service. It’s our unquestionable and uncompromising depth of experience in dealing with major military organisations in every type of operational theatre and every type of material from routine electronic equipment to weapon systems and ammunition and a genuine belief in the “THE MISSION”.

Claridon is a single point of contact for a whole range of services supporting defence and military logistics operations. We operate a bespoke division with a dedicated team who only provide defence and military logistics and is operated completely separately to our commercial logistics activities. As you would expect, we are operational 24/7 and specifically ISO9001 accredited and AEO certified. We also cover a wide range of auxiliary services to support Military operations such as full order management and reporting systems and inventory management providing central command with complete accessibility and transparency of their equipment and asset availability.