Authorised Economic Operator

AEOThe Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) concept is part of an EU wide initiative to tackle terrorism, counterfeiting and fraud.

Enhanced security controls aim to ensure that the EU internal market is protected, whilst also securing the international supply chain through co-operation with world trading partners. AEO status will provide facilitation and benefits to reliable businesses which can show themselves to be trusted and compliant members of the international supply chain. AEO refers to a business who has met certain criteria and is seen as reliable and compliant by the customs authorities.

Similar measures are in place in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Singapore and South Africa, with a multitude of other countries, such as Japan & China also embracing AEO.

AEO status is granted to businesses meeting the criteria for one of three possible certificates:

  • Customs simplifications
  • Security and safety
  • A combination of the two.

Claridon, as you would expect, hold full AEO Status which enables our clients shipments to pass through the international supply chain in a faster and smoother way and reducing significantly the risk of Customs checks, delays and extra costs.